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If you have fallen out of love with investing into UK residential property in South Yorkshire you may well be considering your exit strategy. However, the following issues will no doubt be playing on your mind:

1) Will other investors want to buy the properties with your tenants in situ, and if so, what level of discount will they want?

2) The financial and emotional costs of evicting tenants so that you can sell the properties with vacant possession to a wider market

3) Void periods whilst marketing the properties

4) Cash flow required to make the properties more marketable, even if that’s just re-painting

5) Council tax and utility bills affecting cash flow whilst the property stands empty, possibly for several months

6) Insurance and security related issues if the property remains vacant for more than a few months

7) Might you want to sell your privately-owned properties over a number of years to benefit from your annual Capital Gains Tax exemption allowances?

8) Even if you could sell all of your properties in one go, what would you do with the money to continue to make a return on it given that interest rates are so low?

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